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LiquidMetal Ventures (观正资本) is a newly established venture capital fund based in Boston, aiming at investing in early-stage (Seed, Angel, and pre-A round) in minority groups, particularly Asian America-founded tech startups. The first-round fund is $20m.


LiquidMetal Ventures (观正资本is based on Asian startup communities and has a unique advantage on finding ‘off-the-market early-stage deals and cooperating with peer VC funds tightly to reduce the risk, the overall high return could be expected.


LiquidMetal Ventures (观正资本focus on biotech and healthcare, energy and carbon neutrality, AI and data, infrastructure tech, and consumer tech. There is a huge tide of startups among Asian entrepreneurs in the US on the way. We would like to be the VC to write the first check to the founders.

We believe firmly that a new era is coming, in which Asian entrepreneurs in the U.S. will play a big role!

1)Asian entrepreneurs are standing in the middle of the world’s stage, in terms of economic vibrant and innovations.

2)Asian entrepreneurs will be booming: New Generation | Experts from Industry | Startup Community | Industry Calling

3)Asian entrepreneurs need VC support badly. 20% talents vs 1% VC funds.

We help Asian entrepreneurs, a group of underestimated talents to achieve their dream by writing the first check and supporting them with our community resources.

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