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We support breakthrough technologies to launch Their First Step

About LiquidMetal




LiquidMetal Ventures is a newly established venture capital fund based in Boston, aiming at investing in early-stage (Seed, Angel, and pre-A round) in a minority group, particularly deep-tech startups.

LiquidMetal Ventures is based on deep-tech start-up communities and has a unique advantage in reaching out to  ‘off-the-market’ early-stage deals and cooperating with peer VC funds tightly to reduce the risk, overall a high return could be expected.

LiquidMetal Ventures focuses on biotech and healthcare, carbon neutrality, AI and data, infrastructure, and consumer tech. There is a huge tide of startups among Boston entrepreneurs in the US on the way. We would like to be the first to check VC with the founders.

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Investment Focus

Petri Dish

Life Science


Medical Device

Wind Turbines on Water



AI & Data Science

Solar Panels

Advanced Energy Technology


Robotics & Advanced Manufacturing

Our Portfolio


Energy Technology

All-Solid-State Batteries for Stationary Grid Storage


Brain-Computer Interface

Build Brain Machine Interface to Enable Human-Machine Symbiosis


Cell Therapy

Pioneering Massive Directed Evolution to Unlock Infinitely Potential of Cell Therapy


Battery Development Platform

We Help Battery Makers Leapfrog Ahead of The Competition.


Drug Development

Think Bioscience Is Reimagining Synthetic Biology by Using Living Systems to Guide The Design And Assembly of Better Medicines.


Artificial Meat

Eat Meat, Not Animals

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Energy Technology

Solving the biggest safety issue in lithium metal batteries by developing novel molecules

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Drug Development

Innovative treatment development for rare diseases.



Neptune Nanotechnolgies converts organic fishing waste into advanced nanotechnology

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Matasurface Optics 

Enabling an immersive future with metasurface optics


Beagle Tech - AI Agriculture

Cut 90% Labor with AI powered Mechanization

Connecting Dots

Join InnoHub

Boston Innohub logo.png

InnoHub aims to deliver deals with high potential to investors interested in early-stage projects. The monthly online pitch event introduces 3-4 well-qualified firms in deeptech-oriented fields and provides investors a means to exchange thoughts with the entrepreneur teams through Q&A.

The ultimate goal of InnoHub is to build a sustainable and value-generating loop that provides both entrepreneurs a platform on which start-ups with high momentum have the opportunity to convey their ideas to a larger audience and investors a medium to source the future unicorn.


VeraMorph is a specialty pharmaceutical company with a universal oral dosage technology for poorly soluble small molecule drugs that constitute 9 in 10 pre-clinical compounds and 4 in 10 marketed products. The company’s mission is to improve patients' lives across all disease areas by expanding opportunities to commercialize novel therapies and improving existing products, which VeraMorph is uniquely able to achieve by preventing formulation limitations that cause 3 in 10 projects to be terminated and hinder clinical outcomes.

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Resolute Bio is an emerging company devoted to improving the performance of protein/peptide medicines. The Company’s RBC Elevate™ platform is designed to enable proteins or peptides to “hitchhike” on red blood cells in vivo, to extend therapeutic half-life and de-immunizing patients, allow longer, more effective treatments (for existing drugs and autoimmune disorders). 

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Cellinfinity Bio is pioneering full-scale, directed evolution at a cellular level to unlock the unexplored potential of cell therapy to develop efficacious treatments for solid cancers. To date, we have secured seed funding of $13.2 million to deploy this technology, and we have recruited an outstanding team of executives and research leaders to generate our initial pipeline. We are seeking Series A partners who will collaborate to bring these novel CARTs and CAR-NKs into the clinic.  Over time, we hope to expand our platform and discover genetic modifications that improve other immune cell functions, including monocytes, gamma-delta T cells, and regulatory T cells.

Our Team



Founding & Managing Partner

MIT Research Scientist (2019 - 20)&Postdoc (2016 - 19), and B.E in Tsinghua University. Top Research Expert in Energy: 10+ yrs in batteries & solar cells.

Analyst at Shuimu Ventures (2019),

VC Representative at Boston Chapter (2020 - )

Co-President of MIT CEO (MIT Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization) (2019 - 21);

lead MIT CEO from campus-site organization to one of the most influential US-wide students entrepreneurship organizations (>10000 attendees)

Vice President of Tsinghua Alumni Association of Greater Boston (2017- )

 (covering 4000 Tsinghua alums)

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Contact Us

LiquidMetal Ventures is always looking for highly motivated talent across many sectors and functions, including technical, engineering, sales, customer success, business and corporate development, and operations.

Please email us at, and we will be happy to connect.

and find us on LinkedIn here.

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